Friday, February 19, 2010

Although I stopped taking part in a "one book a week" challenge in 2009, I kept up with my reading list (as I've done since about, oh, 1990). Here's the list for 2009.

Jan 15 - Voyage of the Jerle Shannara - Antrax (Brooks) 2nd of the trilogy
Jan 15 - Voyage of the Jerle Shannara - Morgawr (Brooks) final book, rushed thru in a day!
Jan 21 - Wargaming in History: Romans, Goths, and Huns (MacDowell)
Jan 30 - Gardens of the Moon (Eriksen) lead book in a series of 6 (so far)
Feb 25 - Soldiers of the Dragon (Pears) history of ancient warfare in China
Mar 3 - The Man in the Iron Mask (Dumas) a classic, read for LibriVox
Apr 12 - Winter in Eden (Harrison) a sci-fi break
Apr 12 - House of the Seven Gables (Hawthorne) something I shoulda read in high school, read for LV
Apr 18 - The Eyes of God (Marco)
May 12 - Deadhouse Gates (Eriksen) 2nd in his fantasy series
Jun 4 - Memories of Ice (Erikson) 3rd
Jun 18 - Kushiel's Scion (Carey) Carey's books are all wonderfully crafted!
Jun 24 - Ben-Hur (Wallace) a good book! First chapter is a novel look at the 3 Wise Men. read for LV
Jul 1 - Kushiel's Justice (Carey) ditto comments above for Scion!
Jul 8 - Consider Phlebas (Banks) strange sci-fi
Jul 14 - A War of Gifts (Card) the least of the many Card books I've read
Jul 21 - Triplanetary (Smith) for LV
Jul 31 - Kushiel's Mercy (Carey) another fine trilogy, finished!
Aug 8 - Mechanized Warfare (Bishop, ed.)
Aug 12 - The Magnificent Ambersons (Tarkington) read for LV
Aug 13 - Invasive Procedures (Card)
Aug 21 - Nightmare Abbey (Peacock) listen out for Mr. Listless! for LV
Sep 9 - Powers of Ten (Morrison) scale of the universe, from big to small
Sep 16 - Folk of the Fringe (Card) post-apocalyptic
Sep 24 - Hyperion (Simmons)
Oct 5 - Sons and Lovers (Lawrence) for LV
Oct 17 - The Man Who Would Be King (MacIntyre) EXCELLENT book! Non-fiction.
Oct 31 - The Young Railroaders (Coombs) a fun book in the Hardy Boys genre. For LV
Nov 2 - Empires of Light (Jonnes) my favorite book of the year! History, as it should be written! EXCELLENT!
Nov 9 - Sea Strike (Cobbs) naval action
Nov 12 - The Red Horseman (Coonts) naval action
Nov 20 - Liberty (Coonts) more naval action!
Nov 24 - Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate" (Hains) naval, but from days of sail. For LV
Dec 17 - The Blockade Runners (Verne) naval, Civil War. Can you see a pattern here?? For LV
Dec 25 - IJN Aircraft Carriers (Stille) naval and non-fiction
Dec 26 - British Battleships 1939 - 1945 (1) (Konstam) just to finish the year on another naval note.

All told, 36 books in 2009.  That's a dropoff; I'll have to do better!